Up and Coming!

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How is all with your world? I am now fully recovered from the holiday frenzy and it’s time to get back to the real world of saving children’s lives, blogging about all things medical mayhem and writing suspense novels.

The Christmas tree is down and all the ornaments are put away. I’ve got a writing plan in place that I simply need to execute which is always the difficult part. I feel like this time of year I enjoy the remaining days of snowy weather and begin the countdown to fall– my favorite season. Why does it have to be the shortest?

Overall, I had a good Christmas. A lot of joyful time spent with family. I didn’t have to work in the ER which is always good for increasing my holiday spirit. This weekend I’m celebrating my 17th wedding anniversary! It’s hard to believe how fast the years go by.

How were your holidays? Any special celebrations?

For you this week:

Tuesday: Book review of In The Name of God. Just what are religious shield laws and why should we care about them?

Thursday: Author question surrounding nursing care of the patient after a cardiac cath procedure.

Hope you have a GREAT week.


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