The Medical Side:

I’m a medical nerd by day. How do I know? I read medical textbooks for fun. I answer writer’s medical questions and love the challenge of editing a medical scene. Why? I want those passages to be an accurate reflection of the real work EMTs, paramedics, nurses and doctors do every day. I want my readers and your readers to stay in the story and not be pulled out by a medical inaccuracy. As writers, we never want a reader to set a book aside because they are questioning the details.

The Fiction side:

I’m a suspense novelist by night. The Bloodline Trilogy was my debut medical thriller series. Each asks an important question. For Proof: What if DNA testing, the gold standard for criminal prosecution, set a guilty man free? In Poison: Can hypnosis influence someone to do evil? And Peril: Is there such a thing as cellular transfer of memories? All these scenarios written in gripping, page-turning novels. My latest novel, Fractured Memory, examines the effects of amnesia in solving the crimes of a serial murderer.

This blog is designed to help both historical and contemporary authors learn methods to write medically accurate fiction. I field medical questions, analyze medical scenes, and post on medical topics of interest to writers and readers.

If you have a medical question or medical scene you’d like me to take a look at, send inquiries to jordyn@jordynredwood.com. It is understood that all medical questions are writing related. I do not consult for real-life medical problems.

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What makes me a medical expert? I’m an RN who has worked in critical care for nearly twenty-five years. I teach advanced resuscitation courses and have lectured extensively to medical professionals of all levels, and also to writers who want to learn how to avoid the pitfalls in writing a medical scenes.