Book Review: Lip Reading

When I first started thinking about writing for the inspirational market, I read every one of Harry’s books to see what a medical person would write. 

In Lip Reading, I feel like Kraus got back to what I love about his writing. An intriguing medical concept (developing artificial blood) and the ethical ramifications around it. For instance, should two pharmaceutical companies share research in order to get a life-saving compound to market faster? 

What creates the suspense in this novel is one of the lead researchers, and brilliant mind behind the concept, has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

If you love medical suspense with an inspirational thread then pick up Lip Reading STAT. 

AND– imagine my surprise when I didn’t a little research into artificial blood and discovered we could be closer than ever to an actual product. You can read about that here.

I love it when medical thriller authors are writing cutting edge books. Great job, Harry!

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