Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How has your week been? Mine? Hopefully fabulous as I’m out of town enjoying a writer’s retreat. My first one ever. I’ll give you a full report upon my return.

Hopefully, you’ve taken advantage of the fire sale on my novels (Proof, Poison and Peril.) We’re in the last few days of this promotion so no more waiting!

This week I’m dealing with injuries related to mass casualty events. As you know, mass casualty events (whether Acts of God or terrorist events) can quickly overrun the medical system. Not only are we dealing with a large number of patients, but there may be new injuries that we’re not used to dealing with as well.

Tuesday: Mucormycosis infection. Just what is it and when should you worry about it?

Thursday: Blast lung. This is related to bombing events.

Hope you have a great week and have a safe Halloween!

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