Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

It’s back to school week! At least for us . . . which means business at the pediatric ER will be picking up. That’s good for us but not great for kids. But why is that? Well, kids are now in close proximity with one another which allows for germs to be transmitted. Kids, in general, aren’t super awesome hand washers and allows for another vehicle of transmission for both viruses and bacteria.

I find pathogens fascinating. Did you know that we’re currently seeing the largest Ebola outbreak ever? There’s so much about this current Ebola story that is fiction worthy. It’s the first time Ebola has been on U.S. soil. How do you feel about that? An experimental treatment called ZMapp was given to two patients– Caucasian patients– some find that ethically questionable considering how many contracted the virus before these two were infected. Can you give informed consent for treatment if you’re dying or think you will die?

All these are very interesting issues I’ll be exploring in this weeks post. It’s all about Ebola.

Dare to enter the Hot Zone?

Have a great week!


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