Kawasaki Disease

JoAnn Asks:

I need an illness (not necessarily a disease, but I’m open to any ideas) that could potentially kill a child of 5-7 years old (a boy growing up in west Texas). He recovers and eventually becomes a world-class athlete with no later repercussions.

I was thinking of some kind of weird bacterial infection or spider bite or something along those lines. Any thoughts? I know you’re busy, but if you have a minute or two to throw out some suggestions, I’d be most grateful (and you’d get a shout-out in the book, too). Thank you!

Jordyn Says:

Kawasaki’s Disease might be a good option for you.




Kawasaki disease causes inflammation to arteries within your body. This includes the coronary arteries which can lead to some of Kawasaki disease’s biggest complications.

It is characterized by high fever (over 102.2 lasting more than five days), peeling skin (usually lips and bottoms of hands/feet), very reddened eyes and rash to the trunk.

The cause is unknown.

Treatment may include an infusion of gamma globulin and high dose aspirin. The cardiac effects are the most serious and worrisome but patients do have a good chance of recovery.

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