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Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How has your week been?

Mine? Well, I’m a little bit consumed by the controversy around the Washington Redskins Football Team. I really want to understand it a little bit better. From what I understand, this is a result of a petition put forth claiming the name is disparaging to Native Americans. Now the US patent office has yanked their trademark registrations which means anyone can use images associated with the Washington Redskins without penalty. This will, presumably, put financial pressure on the team to change their name.

And it makes me very nervous.

One— there is no sports team anywhere I know that names themselves a derogatory name on purpose. They want to appear fierce, strong and respected. Perhaps this term once was not used to paint Native Americans in a positive light but we know, as time and cultures change, that the meaning associated with words changes. In one news cast I was watching they stated in a poll (and it was taken many years ago) that 90% of Native Americans weren’t offended by the team’s name.

Two— we need to get over being offended and the federal government needs to stop being the henchmen over companies on stuff like this. I say– let the market bear it out. If it is so egregious that the team has this name then stop buying tickets, stop buying merchandise, go picket the games, write op-ed pieces but can we please stop suing over every infraction? There are plenty of names I don’t appreciate. I don’t personally like the name of a particular gas chain. I find it offensive. I can’t believe they name their stations that but do I feel the need to sue them to change it? No– because it does not physically do me harm or hurt me financially. It’s their choice. I choose not to visit their stations. Others probably don’t think twice about it and would be surprised I have an issue with it.

It disturbs me how people are being put out of business for what others consider intolerable choices. That’s very dangerous because your opinion may not always be on the “right side”. Times change. Governments change.

If it doesn’t harm you physically or financially– is it possible to let it go? What do you guys think?

For you this week:

Tuesday: Author question– What disease could potentially kill a 5 y/o. I pick something you might not have even heard of.

Thursday: Amryn Cross, our forensic diva, is back for a DNA follow-up question regarding half-siblings.

Have a great week!


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