Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How has your week been? I have to say, I have had another exciting week. My sophomore novel, Poison, has been nominated for another award! This time by Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. I really wish I could be there at the conference. It’s one I’ve definitely wanted to attend because I hear the mountains in Ashville, NC are amazing.

Today is Mother’s Day and here in Colorado it’s supposed to be cold, rainy and maybe even snowy. I say . . . bring. it. on. I LOVE days where I can stay inside and snuggle with my children who are growing up waaayyy too fast.

For you this week:

Tuesday: Forensic expert Amryn Cross stops by to talk about what real detectives do and how to write them authentically.

Thursday: Author question concerning the ER treatment of a domestic violence patient.

Hope you have a great week and Happy Mother’s Day!!

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