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I spend a lot of time on this blog critiquing things that are bad in books, movies and television. It does warm my heart when I see something done well.

It is true, that when we teach CPR, we tell people to do compressions to the beat of the Bee Gees song Stayin’ Alive which is both funny and appropos. As you sing it in your head and do compressions to the beat this will be a proper rate to get in the correct amount of compressions per minute which should be at least 100 regardless of the age of the patient.

The Chattanooga Fire Dept took this to heart and did what I would call a PSA about the correct way to do CPR highlighting this song.

It’s cheesy but it’s funny and, most importantly, medically accurate. I’m pretty fond of the first line, “That only works in movies, mam.” when a bystander tries to do a precordial thump. So, my hats of to Chattanooga Fire for your creative way of teaching CPR. A Redwood’s GOLD star and “STRONG WORK.” for you.

I am particularly fond of the disco balls on the ladder trucks. I don’t quite get the throwing the baby mannequin but all in all— a good show. 

For you this week:

I’m doing a discussion of the Jahi McMath case. If you aren’t aware of the story it concerns a 13y/o California girl who suffered complications post tonsillectomy, arrested, and suffered brain death.

Tuesday: “Safe” surgeries. Is there anything as risk free surgery?

Thursday: The Jahi McMath case and futile care. Should withdrawing medical care ever be mandated by the state?

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