Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How has your week been. Me— working on a new book proposal. Anyone know of any great medical mysteries? It’s pretty sad when I’m reading and am familiar with most. I want something unusual and preferably genetically fatal– so if you have any ideas . . .

On top of that– I need a setting. Any setting. I like creepy houses but I don’t think it’s a good setting for a trilogy– being confined to one place either. So– what’s your favorite setting? 

For you this week:

Monday: Author/EMS expert Dianna Benson is back to give a first hand account of cardiac arrest in the field.

Wednesday: Firefighter/Paramedic Tim Casey shares some of his patients’ experiences with near death.

Forensic Friday: Garry Rodgers is back starting a multi-part series on a true life death investigation. These posts are fascinating and I know you’ll enjoy.

Have a great week.


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