Up and Coming

Congratulations to the following three people who have won a personalized copy of my latest medical thriller Poison:

1. Heather

2. Michelle

3. Nancee

Ladies, I’ll be e-mailing you within a few days on how to claim your prize.

I’ve been thinking of you New Englanders and all the SNOW– praying for your safety.

For you this week:

Monday: Dianna Benson stops by to give a first-person account of treating a gunshot wound victim. I like when experienced professionals do this as it gets readers right into the shoes of what it’s like to treat such emergencies.

Wednesday: What do occupational therapists do?

Friday: Do I need a coroner, a medical examiner or a pathologist? Garry Rodgers stops by to clear up the difference between these forensic specialists.

Have a GREAT week.


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