Medical Question: Can my Rocker Perform?

Stacy Asks:

I have a couple of questions for you about a broken foot. In my WIP, my main male character broke his foot. About how long would it be before he could be up on stage in a rock concert? He’s the lead guitarist of a Christian rock band and is quite active during the show (running around, etc).

Jordyn Says:
First, I’m assuming you mean a bone in the foot is actually broken and not the toe itself.
I was actually able to run this by an ortho doc and these are his thoughts. Splint/crutches for one week with limited mobility. Then a walking boot for 4-6 weeks. He thought it would be hard for him to bear weight for the first two weeks so I think jumping around on stage would be problematic during that time frame.

After the first two weeks, he should be able to walk and bear weight but jumping around may still be difficult. Probably could go either way. If he does choose to do a concert– at least have the foot be painful during/after the performance.

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