Autumn Is Here!

Autumn is a time of change. Anyone who knows me knows that fall is my favorite time of year. There’s really not much to love about it. Pumpkin Spice everything (you’re safe here my pumpkin spice friends!) Caramel apples. Cooler weather. Sweater time!

fall-1432252_1920Plus, there’s all things spooky and scary. Perfect time of year for a suspense author. Who’s watching the new television show The Exorcist? Me? Of course!

This is my first official WordPress post for Redwood’s Medical Edge and I’m super excited to be here. Thanks to everyone that followed me from Blogger– I really appreciate it!

Some of my earliest posts didn’t transfer from Blogger (which, shockingly, some of you may not have seen!) I’ll be blogging more frequently to pull some of these posts from Blogger as well as great new content and having some of my super awesome author friends stop by as well. There’s going to be a lot of giveaways– particularly before the end of the year– so be sure to subscribe to these posts as that’s one of the easiest ways to be eligible for prizes.

I’ll also be focusing more on my author newsletter (sign up here!) and my new secret street team, Jordyn Redwood’s Forest, as a way to interact more personally with readers. Want free copies of my books before anyone else? Want to help me develop new stories? The street team is where you need to be. There will be exclusive content only in my newsletter so be sure to sign up!

Happy Fall!


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