How Likely Is It For A Parent To Be an HLA Donor Match for Bone Marrow?

Anonymous Asks:

How likely is it for a mother and an uncle to be bone marrow donor for her child? What can a donor expect if picked for donation?

Jordyn Says:

I found this article you might want to take a look at that specifically talks about the odds of a person being a match for their child. A sibling has the best chance at twenty-five percent. A parent of a child only has a one in 200 chance to be a match. Why is that? Because a child gets genetic information from two parents and it’s unlikely that these parents would have the same genetic makeup as their child. So the likelihood of both the mother and a biologically related uncle coming up a match would be pretty slim. I think both being a full match isn’t possible statistically.

This article goes into detail about what a donor can expect. 

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