Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How has Spring been treating you so far? Even though Spring ranks low on my list of favorite seasons (it would be 3/4), I do LOVE spring thunderstorms. Anyone else? Not the hide-in-your-basement-a-tornado-is-coming scary. Just the nice gentle patter of rain with flashes of light and thunder.

Anyone else?

I lived in “Tornado Alley” for thirteen years and even though there were tornadoes in Kansas when I lived there, the only two I ever saw and one that our family had to shelter from was in Colorado.

I know, right?

For you this week.

I’m so happy to get to host authors Betsy Duffey and Laurie Myers this weeks. Both have backgrounds in the medical field. Betsy is a counselor and Laurie is a nurse. They’ve written a truly lovely book of intertwined tales that surround Psalm 23. As readers of this blog know, my go to genre is suspense but I truly loved this book and its sweet stories. If you like authors like Dan Walsh or Mitch Albom then I think you’ll really enjoy their novel.

They’re visiting Redwood’s this week to celebrate the release of The Shepherd’s Song in paperback but any commentors on their blog posts this week (including this one) will be eligible to win a hardback copy. Comments will close Saturday, May 2nd at midnight MST time. Winner will be announced on Sunday, May 3rd!

Their posts will discuss addictions and the stages of grief. Great information for the novelist for character development.

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