Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How has your week been? Mine? Rough. Seriously– I’m battling the third illness this winter. We in medicine are still calling it winter (at least in pediatrics) because RSV has not died off yet for the season.

I don’t know what “bug” is out there but it’s been wrecking havoc and this might be the only reason I’m calling for sunshine and flowers (those who know me know I like dark and rainy) is so all these viruses go into hibernation. I’m not sure why the viral world is different from the animal world but viruses tend to die off over the summer time– or maybe not just shared as generously because people are outdoors.

On a bright writing spot– I’ve progressed to round 2 in the Love Inspired Blurb2Book Contest. This is definitely outside my writing zone. I’m good at suspense– love writing dark and scary but the romance part is always a challenge for me so I’m using this contest as a chance to hone a new writing skill. Can’t ever hurt to broaden your writing horizons.

And yes, my indie book, The Cipher’s String, will still be releasing this October!

I’m so honored this week to have my good friend Kim Zweygardt stop by to share all she knows about anesthesia, the OR and “going under”. Kim is a certified nurse anesthetist and brings a wealth of information for any novel that might have an OR scene or an OR setting. She’ll be here the next three posts.

Have a GREAT week.

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