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Hello Redwood’s Fans!

Happy Easter to you! Today, is my second favorite holiday right behind Christmas. It’s the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Have you thought about that? Ever? Really, thought about it?

To me, Easter is mind blowing. There are few people in this world that I would willingly lay my life down for. I mean, I could probably count them on one hand.

Yet, Jesus, willingly gave up his life for everyone. Even evil people– I mean serial killer types.

One of my most favorite blog posts was written about Easter. About substitution. You can read it here and I hope that among the Easter egg hunts and Sunday brunches you can ponder about how Easter came to be and what it means for you.

For you this week it’s a week of amazing medical discoveries. I depend on interesting medical breakthroughs for my novels. I like to think of the next possible step– usually a harrowing step for humanity– and I think we always have to imagine what medical breakthrough could cause potential harm. However, this week we’re celebrating new medical discoveries.

Tuesday: Using polio to kill brain cancer. It’s true. This is amazing.

Thursday. Ultrasound and Alzheimer’s. How could one help the other?

Have a blessed week.


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