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Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How is everyone doing? Today, I am saving lives in the pediatric ER while the rest of you are enjoying the Super Bowl. So– who are you rooting for? I live in Colorado so I would have a difficult time rooting for either team. I think both teams exhibit poor sportsmanship and if New England really did deflate those balls then the Colts should have gone to the big game.


If, amongst all the Super Bowl hype, you’ve missed that there is a large measles outbreak happening— tune your ears in. I am fully in favor of vaccinating your children. If you are vaccinated, your chances of getting measles is 1% and you’ll likely be less sick if you do contract the disease. If you’re not vaccinated, your chances of acquiring the disease is 90%– pretty much you’re going to get measles. Also, herd immunity, which I’ve blogged about here, needs to be 95% to protect you if you’re not vaccinated. So– if you live in a community where vaccination rates are low and you’re not vaccinated either– pretty much plan on getting the measles if just ONE kids pops up with them.

To those of you who feel getting the real measles is better or wanted to spare your children a shot– here’s a link for you discussing how potentially dangerous measles infection is. Even if your child doesn’t realize the most serious complications they’re going to be sick for 1-2 weeks and will need to be isolated.

Here’s my point. If you, as a parent, would get the vaccine during a major outbreak you should get it preventively.

For you this week.

Tuesday: Friend and author Dr. Richard Mabry stops by to discuss blast injury related hearing loss. Did you know he’s got a new novel releasing soon!

Thursday: A new medical device for you to use in your fiction novels.

Have a great week!

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