Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Taking a short blog break this week for Thanksgiving celebrations. I know this time of year can be stressful because of the following cartoon. Most law enforcement officers and healthcare providers know that violence increases over the holidays because people come together who normally don’t and there is alcohol and financial pressure on top of it.

That is a powder keg.

So, I’d like to offer the following suggestions if you’re feeling like you’d rather take that carving knife to a family member rather than the turkey on the table.

1. Join the Polar Bears and take a swim in freezing water. This will definitely cool you off.

2. Volunteer to feed the homeless. This puts things in perspective.

3. Go to Alaska and feed the bears– it’s far away, stunning scenery and you’ll be so thankful if you live through the experience.

If those aren’t an option– watch a funny video and remember– it’s only a day. Or a few days.

Most importantly– don’t do anything that will land you in jail.

Blessings, Jordyn

P.S.– There is some mild language in this video. You’ve been forewarned.

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