Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

What an interesting week it has been– medically speaking. Lots of medical things in the news. I tried to tune it all out while I was on my writing retreat (of which, I did get a lot of writing done!) but quickly was inundated with medical stories upon my return and my inner medical nerd couldn’t help but start doing more research.

Plus, I had to go to my hospital for mandatory Ebola training– like two days after my lake retreat. It’s hard to go from the first photo to the second photo. Reality can hit hard sometimes.

This week, I’m focusing on some of these interesting medical cases that could easily be worked into a fiction novel.

Tuesday: Can we say for sure Ebola is not airborne? I’ll give you my take tomorrow.

Thursday: The Right to Die? Should it be allowed? If so, under what circumstances?

Have a great week.

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