Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How has your week been? Did you miss me last Sunday?

What happened?

The medical musketeers!
 Richard Mabry, MD, me, and Candace Calvert, RN. 

I was recovering from ACFW (the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference) and my daughters birthday party. Yes, six girls twelve and under overnight. I know parents who have been through this know why I slept all day Sunday!

For my fellow writers– a few nuggets from ACFW.

1. Amish is supposedly on its way out. I’m sorry to my fellow colleagues who are Amish authors but evidently your reign is over. This, however, I do find hard to believe since the CBD catalog still has several full pages of Amish books whenever I get it. It does warm my suspense heart to think this might be true but we’ll see if it happens.

2. No more YA dystopian books but more YA dealing with “real” issues. One editor explained that she was straight up getting Twilight, Divergent and Hunger Games books with just new characters. Down to some of the same exact scenes. Honestly, I don’t understand the audacity of someone even trying to do this. We’ll see how the whole YA, NA trend continues to grow.

3. Indie is definitely in! As traditional publishers continue to discontinue and narrow fiction lines, previously published and debut authors have little choice but to at least try the indie road. Big names in inspirational fiction (Dan Walsh, Jenny B. Jones) are doing the indie road. Some are going hybrid but the stigma of going indie, I would say, has all but disappeared.

For you this week:

Tuesday: An author question that deals with how many infants a woman could sustain just breast feeding.

Thursday: The Justin Ross Harris case. Do you think it was homicide by hot car?

Have a great week! I’m LOVING this fall weather.

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