Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

Yes, fall is definitely in the air! I. Am. Loving it! However, I do have one concern. There seems to be a shortage of new pumpkin spice treats this year. I mean, last year there was pumpkin spice M&M’s and this year I haven’t seen any new candy to try. If you’ve seen some fun pumpkin spice treats– please, let me know!
The past few weeks have seen some powerful posts here at Redwood’s. Sparking quite a few comments was the post dealing with the Kelli Stapleton case. This mother allegedly tried to kill her autistic daughter by lighting two charcoal grills on fire inside a van. 
One thing I want to say here, I don’t mind an opinion that differs from my own. In fact, I welcome it. However, I won’t publish harsh/crude comments that are left anonymously. If you have a strong opinion that is different from mine– then please explain your side respectfully with your name and I’ll approve it. 
For you this week . . . 
Tuesday: What types of medical records do you think identity thieves are targeting and why? 
Thursday: Are you ready for flu season? Some surprising statistics about pediatric deaths among those who didn’t get the flu vaccine. 
Have a GREAT week!

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