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Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How has your week been? For me– a little more on the chill side. Kids are back in school which is making my writing life a little bit easier. Though, I did get teary-eyed taking my oldest to middle school for the first time. I mean, really, how did that happen?
I want to give a shout out to Costco for restocking Dinesh D’Souza’s book America though I don’t agree with all the backlash they got. If they truly stopped carrying the book for poor sales– they had every right to do so. Even if they didn’t carry it because of its political message– they have every right to do that, too. Just like Hobby Lobby, as the courts decided, had a right to not cover certain methods of birth control.
My authorly opinion on all these instances is this– if you can purchase the product/service elsewhere– then you should. The market will bear these things out. It’s not as if I couldn’t have gotten Dinesh’s book from another store. I could have. Therefore, I don’t believe the author’s rights or my rights were impinged in any way. Whether it was for sales or its message– businesses have a right to decide what product they carry. Let’s keep it that way.
But– thank you Costco and I did purchase the book at one of your stores in support of your decision.
For you this week!
Tuesday: Could a spider bite really kill? I know my friend Kari will really LOVE this post. I’m just sure of it.
Thursday: Fellow medical nerd and physician’s assistant (and soon to be author) Jason Joyner joins Redwood’s for an interesting post on how even non-medical peeps can catch medical errors in a manuscript written by someone in the medical field.
Have a great week! 

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