Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How has your week been? Mine? STRESSFUL! I’ve been planning a surprise birthday party for my husband. It’s a BIG one but I won’t divulge the number here. As of this writing, the party is tomorrow but when this posts the party will be DONE and I’ll likely be drinking some of the leftover liquor to celebrate.

Do you like surprises? I do. Maybe that’s why I’m a suspense author. It’s been interesting, weaving these lies to keep him in the dark until the big reveal. It’s actually been kind of hard because, even though I am a suspense author, I don’t find it easy lying to people in real life– particularly a loved one. I don’t know how people lead multiple lives and lie to SO many. I’ve had trouble with one birthday party and not letting something slip.

What’s been your most favorite surprise ever?

For you this week.

Tuesday: Michelle Griep stops by (who is awesome!) with an author question about historical treatment of burns.

Thursday: Author Martha Ramirez stops by to share her personal experience of discovering she had a congenital heart defect as an adult and how this inspired her to write a children’s book.

Have a great week!

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