Up and Coming

Hello Redwood Fans!

How has your week been? Enjoying the summer? Getting ready for 4th of July?

Please, please remember to be watching those kiddos around summer parties– especially if there’s a pool around without lifeguards– or any body of water for that matter. From my personal nursing experience, we’d always get one kid in around summer holiday parties that had drowned or nearly drowned because the adults were having fun and no responsible adult was watching the kids in the water.

My suggestion: one sober adult watching the kids in the water at all times. Seriously– take 30 minute shifts or something so the adults can have fun but the kids are safe. Swimming lessons do not guarantee in any way that your child is a capable swimmer. Other children (unless they are lifeguard certified) should not be expected to save your child from drowning so don’t put them in a position of responsibility unless they’ve had specific training for these circumstances.

For you this week: answering an author’s questions about injuries related to torture and just how we would handle these in the emergency department.

Have a great and SAFE week and Happy July 4th!


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