Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How’s your week going? Mine– enjoying the suspense part of Spring. Dark, stormy days.

I tend to not like sunshine. It’s too bright. Too cheery. I think because of this, God gave me an uber-optimist, bright and shiny child and a border cut from the same cloth who both LIKE sunshine. If I had to pick an animal I’m most like it would probably be a bat. Needless to say when I posted last week that Spring was my third favorite season– this led to utter shock to this border.

And then I explained. Thunderstorms. Rain. Lightening. It’s a marvel of nature and why I like spring. I mean, the new flowers are cool, too.

How about you? What’s your favorite part of spring?

This week it’s all about executions. There’s been quite a bit of news surrounding executions lately and it’s an interesting topic to explore. Do you think a drug company should be able to restrict the use of their medication for something they find objectionable? How would you feel about the return of firing squads?

Hope you’ll take in these posts and let me know your thoughts.

Have a great week!


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