Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

What’s new in your neck of the woods. I have to tell you that I’m finding it a little too chilly for May in Colorado. I am ready for some sun and new flowers. Anyone else?

I’m excited to announce that my sophomore novel, Poison, made the short list for the 2014 INSPY award. Wow– so honored to be named amongst such well-known authors like Brandilyn Collins, Steven James and Randy Singer. I am definitely the underdog but what great company!

For you this week.

Tuesday: A truly horrible story that I wish was fiction but sadly is not– veterans in Phoenix, AZ dying while waiting for healthcare.

Thursday: More on NDEs. With the movie, Heaven is for Real, now in theaters it seems that interest is not waning in this phenomenon. What do you think? Are they medical? Are they spiritual? Or are they both?

Have a great week.

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