Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

Well, we are mostly recovered here from our winter colds and seriously hoping for Spring to return– except perhaps my husband who is the skier in the family and the last one suffering from whatever respiratory virus invaded our home.

What’s your favorite season? I actually don’t mind winter unless I have to be out in it. And even then it’s okay unless it is completely FREEZING like today. I am ready for spring.

This week I’m focusing on author questions. First one deals with injuries from smacking a villain in the face and the other deals with amnesia.

Also, the Bloodline Trilogy is one sale on Amazon for Kindle at $1.99 a piece! Definitely a good time to pick them up.

Also, we’re doing the 12 Days of Christmas all year long over at my FB author page. You are automatically entered for that month’s drawing just by answering the posted questions. Hope you’ll join us. 

Have a great week,


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