Up and Coming

What’s going on Redwood’s Fans? Me– well, a nurse can only stay well so long during “respiratory season” when around every turn she is dealing with infected children. Both patients and her own, loving family.

Hopefully, I’ll be on the mend soon.

To keep my spirits up I’ve been reading and I’d like to introduce you to novelist John Faubion. His debut novel, Friend Me, is quite an interesting read about what it means to replace “real life” relationships with social media and delves into the moral and ethical implications of infidelity and when that actually starts. An intriguing read I recommend. Plus, he has an interesting choice of weapons that is medically related.

If you need cheering up here is a chance to win Poison (book #2 of the Bloodline trilogy) and an Amazon Gift Card over at author Paula Wiseman’s blog. Just leave a comment to be entered.

Also, I’d like to give a shout out to Forrest who did a very nice review of the ENTIRE Bloodline Trilogy. I think he read all three books in one week! Thanks for the nice words, Forrest.

For you this week:

Tuesday: I’m happy to introduce you to Drew who is a medical nerd like me and he’ll be analyzing ECG tracings on book covers. He writes a very humorous post that includes some nice ECG training that is understandable to all levels– from novice to advanced medical nerd.

Thursday: A follow-up on the Jahi McMath case.

Hope you are happy and healthy.


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