Up and Coming

What’s up Redwood Fans?

Are you officially out of your Christmas Coma?

I hope so because we are back to the usual medical mayhem and I have an interesting week coming up for you.

Tuesday: What is the value of a single life? One father’s tale of how he viewed his daughter with Down Syndrome before and after her birth.

Thursday: Dr. Richard Mabry stops by to discuss tonsillectomies. I’m doing this in prep for my analysis of the Jahi McMath case– which is the girl who suffered brain death after a tonsillectomy. Richard has a new book coming in the next few months, Critical Condition, which I happily endorsed. I hope you’ll pre-order now.

Also, over at my FB author page I’m going through the Complete Book of Questions this year. Who says you only need to celebrate gift giving in December? If you participate in answering the questions, you’ll be eligible for my monthly book drawing and other fun stuff.  

Have a great week!


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