The Joy of Laughter

In December, I take a break from ALL the medical mayhem and post funny, cheesy and/or interesting videos for you and your family to enjoy.

The first video actually reminded me of an incident that happened with our dog. My husband was out fishing and actually caught something and the fish was flipping on the shore after it was removed off the hook. The flipping fish freaked the dog out and somehow he got tangled in the fishing line and the hook became embedded in one of his back legs. Our dog took of running and then thought the fishing pole was after him– which of course caused him to run faster. So here is dog, followed by fishing pole, followed by my screaming husband around the lake. I’m sure it was a sight to be seen.

I happened to be working and got to use my nursing knowledge to remove the hook from the dog’s leg. Hey, at least it saved us a couple of hundred dollars at the emergency vet and he (the dog) went on to live a long life.

The second video comes from comedian Tim Hawkins who I am a big fan of. If you’re married I think you’ll enjoy this piece– plus there is something there for football fans, too.

Hope you enjoy!


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