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Hello Redwood’s Fans!

This week is Thanksgiving week– so it’s time to reflect and think about all those things we are grateful for. It’s hard for me to do right now (now that I’m not thankful) but I have to work Thanksgiving Day and, to be honest, am a little (okay, a lot) grumpy about it. So, I thought I’d write a few things I’d be thankful for if YOU did them so I could actually not see patients that day.

1. Drink responsibly. No drinking or driving. Don’t even try it. It’s just not worth it. Think about KILLING someone else on Thanksgiving. If you’re going to get hosed– lock yourself up in your own house and give someone else the keys.

2. Watch those knives. It’s JUST dinner. Don’t let stress, family arguments, and poor time management cause the silver to flash and fly. If you’re using the ER as a break from your family then perhaps you should not be spending the day with these peeps. Just cut out the negative energy.

3. Your kids are going to get a belly ache. It’s probably not their appendix– it’s constipation related to ALL the carbs they stuffed in their gut in a short time frame. Make sure they’re drinking water and some stuff with fiber. They actually WILL eat the good stuff (raw fruit and veggies) if they are TRULY hungry and that’s what you offer. Don’t let them eat out of boredom. Have them play outside.

4. You are sharing germs. No double dipping, please. Stay six feet away if someone is coughing and don’t be afraid to look stupid for wearing a surgical mask.

5. New babies (under 60 days old)– should be sheltered and protected. Don’t let everyone in the world come around and kiss their cute little faces. Tell the uncle who hasn’t shaved, showered or brushed his teeth in the last ten years that next year you’ll offer up the newest member of the family for a slobbery smoocher.

Okay– that’s my top five. I really do just want to sit around and drink cocoa all day.

For you this week!

Tuesday: SWAT officer S. Tarr drops in to answer some writerly police operational questions. I thought his answers were so helpful that they could help writers everywhere.

Thursday: I’ve been beating up quite a bit on the CBS drama Hostages lately so I’m giving them kudos for one episode and then it will be back to the medical critique because I cannot help myself. So– just what did they actually do right?

Have a safe and overly joyful Thanksgiving!


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