Up and Coming

When this posts I’ll actually be driving back from Oklahoma with my two children (age 9 and 11) and my father. Hopefully, my life will feel as carefree as the photo but somehow (in already surviving past trips) it may feel more like the second photo– zombies attacking.

Road Trip Possibility A

As you know I’m also a pediatric nurse. I am more of a strict, I-will-do-as-I-say parent. So if I make a threat (and they can be pretty inventive) it is going to happen. Many years ago, my husband and I were driving from Colorado to Ft. Wayne, Indiana. There is a lot of road between here and there. The girls were maybe 4 and 7 at the time at they were fighting, fighting, fighting.

We kept saying if you can’t be calm in the car then you can’t be in the car!

It didn’t really change much. So finally, I said to my youngest who was the biggest instigator of the fighting. “If you can’t stop fighting and screaming I’m going to pull over and you’ll sit in the field until you can be quiet.”

Fighting ensued.

Road Trip Possibility B

Next exit ramp– car is over and my husband takes her from the car and marches her to the middle of a field and sits her down and stands about two feet away.

I can’t hear the conversation but I can see the body language. Both are with arms crossed just flat out sizing the other one up. It was chilly– with sleet falling.

It took about five minutes before she felt like the car might be warmer and more comfortable than the middle of the field.

There’s something about road trips that bring out the good and bad. Hopefully this one will be ALL good.

This week I’ll be hosting a Facebook Party for Peril’s release and giving away over $500.00 worth of prizes. Hope you’ll join the fun.

For you this week:

Tuesday: I am so excited to be hosting new guest blogger, Amory Cannon, a forensic scientist. She’ll be blogging about exactly what evidence (or lack of) the courts need to declare someone dead.

Thursday: Author Richard Mabry stops by to give some background into his latest and greatest medical thriller, Heart Failure. I know I’m excited to check this book out.

Have a GREAT week.


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