Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How’s your week been?

Mine . . . a little like the photo. I survived the ACFW conference in Indianapolis a few weeks ago. I didn’t win the Carol Award which is a little sad but I got to meet the other two great women authors in my category: Katie Gansert and Courtney Walsh (the award went to Katie like I thought!) Katie is the gorgeous one in the pink.

If you are an aspiring author I highly recommend these conferences. They are a great way to network and just be amongst other like-minded individuals. I mean really– does your family really understand your characters talking to you?

One of the highlights of the conference was meeting Frank Peretti. I think he could be considered the grandfather of the Christian suspense/paranormal novels with his groundbreaking books This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness. These books remain popular after their debut almost twenty years ago.

He was very kind and generous. I think he probably did take a photo with every conferee– and there were almost 600 of us there. Worse than wedding photo day– I’m sure his cheeks hurt for weeks.

This is also the last week to subscribe to my newsletter to be eligible for my mega-prize worth over $75.00! You can subscribe here.

For you this week I’m doing a little fall/winter health education. What exactly are flu and RSV?

Anyone else excited for autumn?!? Me, yes. Not so much geared up for what we call respiratory season though.

Have a great week!

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