Up and Coming

How has your week been?

Mine? Well, you know, never a dull moment.

Yesterday, I participated in the Warrior Dash. It is a 5K with obstacles on the course. Things like climbing over a 10 foot wall. I think there were three of those. It was great fun minus a minor shoulder injury. Just why my shoulders like to gravitate out of their sockets mystifies me. I did finish and here is photo proof. I did clean up a bit.

This summer I’ve done a lot of physical things I’ve never done before and those who know me can attest to the fact that I am not a fitness guru. I still would pick chocolate over celery on any given day. Nachos over hummus. You get my drift.

But, I have been trying to get into shape. So, in my wake over the last several months are three 5K’s, one 10K and I’m hoping to hike one 14teener (a mountain where the peak is at 14,000 feet.)

Sadly, I am still not a size four. Nor will I ever be but this summer of mostly fun physical activity got me thinking about writing goals. Just how do you try and achieve something where the finish might not be as glamorous as you imagined. A finish like you’ve published almost three books and still can’t quit your day job.

Here are my thoughts:

1. Striving toward a goal gives you confidence. When you accomplish little things (like running a 5K)– you believe you can do the bigger things (like running a 10K.) Words will add up to sentences. Sentences will add up to paragraphs. Paragraphs become chapters! Once you pile enough of those up you will have a novel.

2. Sometimes the step in front of you is all you can focus on. When I ran my first 10K– I lasted about 5.5 miles. I had run six miles before but I was mentally having a bad day– like my friend who was walking still had a faster pace than me jogging. At one point– all I was doing was looking at the sidewalk and counting to four. Four steps was the distance between the cracks and meant that section of sidewalk was finished. I would count to four again. I must have done this for a mile just trying to take the next step. Focusing on the large picture can be overwhelming. What is your next step?

3. Finishing is fun! It is great to have that moment where you cross the finish line. You have a completed book. People like the book! Your words touch someone. Sometimes visualizing those moments can help you take those small steps.

What is a goal you’re working on?

For you this week!

Tuesday: I’ve spent a lot of time in the hospital with a sick family member this month. Just what got my authorly wheels turning?

Thursday: A GREAT resource for writers with LOTS of information on death. I know– but this is how suspense authors think.

Also– I am getting ready to launch my newsletter! Subscribe and be eligible to win the WHOLE Bloodline Trilogy, $50.00 in gift cards and some nifty home-made items in time for Halloween!

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