Author Question: Hallucinogens

Stephane Asks:

I’m writing a story where one of the characters comes in contact with a hallucinogen that plagues the person with their greatest fear. Could this hallucinogens be fatal? Would there be long term affects? How long does a normal hallucinogen last? What are the affects on the human body? Heart rate, breathing and so forth.

Jordyn Says:

What are the common hallucinogens? These would be LSD, Hallucinogenic mushrooms, Psilocybin (active ingredient in mushrooms– I believe this can be synthesized), DMT, Ayahausca (which is an hallucinogenic jungle vine.)

Here are some links you might find interesting:

Psychology Today: Hallucinogens:

Psilocybin and Brain Function:

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The effects of hallucinogens generally last 6-12 hours. They are generally not fatal. What can be fatal is if a person does something under the effects of a hallucinogen– like jump off of a building.

Symptoms of hallucinogens:

Long term effects of abusing hallucinogens: Permanent floaters (in eye vision), psychosis, and mental health issues.

Two lists of short and long term symptoms:

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