Winner and Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!!

How’s your week been? Mine– good.

FINISHED my book proposal and the edits for Peril. Just one more proofreading round to go and my baby will almost be ready to be released to the world. October will soon be here. It’s a great, scary read and I’ve been fortunate to have some amazing authors endorse it.

To celebrate– we decided to go camping. I know– I think I heard some brakes screeching. What a way to celebrate, right? My ideal is liquor and chocolate but we’ve been living in Colorado almost seven years and had not taken our daughters camping and because of my busy nursing/writing schedule some family time was definitely in order.

Now, I’m not a must-have-hair-done-and-make-up-on-at-all-times kind of girl but I do appreciate running water and sinks. The campground ended up having neither– running water, sinks, showers– you get the idea.

Just a potty– and non-flushing one at that.

Nothing like going from zero to full-fledged camping in one outing. Okay– we did have an air mattress.

The woods are all kinds of fun at night. They are LOUD. Coyotes. The wind whooshing through the trees. And helicopters. I mean for two hours! Until close to midnight one night. Lots and lots. So of course– my authorly mind starts running amok because it was TOO cold to sleep.

Top five reasons for helicopter/plane noise: 

1. Drones.
2. Search and Rescue.
3. Lake Patrols.
4. Fancy coyote hunting parties.
5. Do they have infared– can they see me in my tent?

You get the picture.

Over and my new Facebook Author Page I hosted a mega-party over the last three weeks. The winner of the great BIG giveaway is Phillip Daniel Angel!! Congratulations!! Please “like” my author page– when Peril releases I’ll be doing it up again with TONS of prizes so I hope you’ll check it out.

For you this week:

Monday: Bette Lamb stops by to blog about the OCI? Just who are they? What do they do? Let me say– Law Enforcement. FDA. Yes, these things do go together.

Wednesday: When disaster strikes and HIPAA– the patient healthcare privacy law.

Friday: Author Question. Injuries from striking a tree trunk.

Have a great week!


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