Author Beware: Know Your Equipment!

I have a confession to make– I am LOVING the new series Hannibal on NBC and I hope it sticks around for a while.

It’s a great study in the uber-maniacal villain. The actor who play the psychiatrist/serial killer, Mads Mikkelsen, is amazing and I think he’s performing Lector better than Anthony Hopkins– which is saying a lot. And I know– what a name for the actor to have!

This is definitely an adult show– not for kids under 17 (I would say) but I tend to be very conservative with what my children watch on TV.

That being said– I have a little medical error to point out.

For some reason, television types LOVE putting medical sounds to add suspense and drama into a scene. This generally happens with putting the sound of a ventilator in the background when the patient is not even on oxygen or is on something simple (nasal cannula or oxygen mask.)

Lately, I’ve noticed a couple of instances where the show/movie puts the noise of an MRI scanner in the background of a patient getting a CT scan.

CT Scanner

A CT scan is very quiet. An MRI– that’s another story. Those scans are very noisy– the persistent knocking and cave feel can send patients over the edge.

MRI Scanner

Well, dear Jordyn, how do you know it was JUST a CT scanner and not an MRI scanner?

For one– the machines LOOK completely different and it’s easy to tell the difference. I’ve posted pictures for you here. The easiest way to tell the difference is that a CT scanner is donut shaped and an MRI scanner is tunnel shaped or thicker. The fronts may look similar. Plus, when you get an MRI of your brain, you get to wear the nifty Hannibal Lector jail mask.

So, Hannibal, I hope you stick around but please– no unnecessary noise.

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