Author Question: Ankle Injury

Elaine Asks:

I have a medical question on my WIP that I was wondering if you can help me with. I have a 72-year-old woman who falls and hurts her ankle. It swells and throbs and her family brings her to the ER. From my research I gather that she can have a sprain as opposed to a break. I need her to be somewhat mobile because she needs to rush to a caving site where her son is trapped. Is it feasible to think that she can use crutches, can drive, pushing aside that she’ll pay a price afterwards? Any suggestions?

Jordyn Says:

Ankles are 95% of the time sprained and not broken. So yes, this is feasible. If you want her driving– I’d probably injure the left foot so there wouldn’t be major difficulties with driving. Crutches/air splint/or ace wrap for 7-10 days and then re-evaluate after that if her pain is not improved.
Here’s a link that pertains to your question:
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