Up and Coming

Hello Redwood’s Fans!

How’s your week been? Mine– good. Not as crazy in the ER as it has been recently and that’s good for everyone.

If you like my blog and are a writer– I know you’ll love this talk. I’ll be speaking at the Tattered Cover Bookstore at Highlands Ranch Town Center (Highlands Ranch, CO 80129) Monday, March 4th from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Hope to see you there. Topic will be Medical Mayhem: How to injure, maim, and kill your FICTIONAL characters correctly.

For you this week:

Monday and Wednesday: I am super-excited (yes UBER- excited) to do these posts. Jeannie Campbell and I decided to do a little blog crossover. If you haven’t checked out Jeannie Campbell’s blog– it is a must for writers everywhere. She does what I do only on the psychological side. Her blog is called The Character Therapist and you can find it here. Jeannie will be blogging about serial killers (warning signs and common types) and I’ll be blogging about medical conditions that present like psychiatric ones.

A lot of medical mayhem to be had. Hope you enjoy the posts!

Friday: In celebration of March being Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month, Stacey Thureen does some education on thyroid disease– did you know there was one that is also an autoimmune disease?

Great week here at Redwood’s. Hope you have a fabulous one, too.


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