Up and Coming

It. Is. Getting. SO. Close.

Poison is about to release!!

Have you pre-ordered yet? It’s super-cheap on Amazon right now. Less than $9.00. 

But enough about me…

What is there for you?

This week I’m focusing on some historical medical aspects. Hopefully, even if you’re not an historical author, you’ll find this information valuable and helpful.

Monday: Author Melissa K. Norris stops by to discuss medical safety and canning and is also offering a chance to win a copy of her book Pioneering Today. So be sure to leave a comment WITH your e-mail address by Saturday, Feb 2nd. Winner announced here Sunday, Feb 3rd. 

Wednesday: Author Ann Shorey stops by and asks when were plaster casts invented?

Friday: Author Catherine Richmond blogs about 19th century contraception. Just what were the options for women during that time era? Truly interesting.

Have a GREAT week. 


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