TV Show Once Upon A Time: Why it Rakes my Nerves

First off, I am a fan of this show where fairy tale characters have been thrust into real life in current times. The show centers around the actions of Snow White’s step-mother the Evil Queen. She is the head meanie on the show and her curse thrust them all into our realm of existence.

Of course, the red apple comes into play. Said evil queen wants to get rid of the one chracter who can lift her curse– but instead her son takes a bite of the poisoned apply turnover and falls ill.

One thing I love to hate about television shows is their one lined-medical-declaritive statement. In this episode, when the child who consumed the poisoned pastry was rushed to the hospital– unconscious– the physician takes one look into his pupils and says. “Well, there doesn’t appear to be any signs that he ingested a neurotoxin.”

Wow! Really?!? Just one look at his pupils told you that.

Hmmm— how about the fact that he is unconscious. That could be sign #1.

LOC or level of consciousness is considered by some to be the most sensitive indicator of how good or how bad your brain is working. So, a patient that is unconscious– well, something is affecting the brain. It may not be stemming from the brain itself but it is making the patient ill enough that they’re “lights out”.

And yes, a neurotoxin can do that.

Next– there are lots of different types of neurotoxins and how they effect the body.

Here’s one short list.

So, quick lesson. Try not to make declaritive statement. They are likely to get you into trouble.

And really, Once Upon a Time– nurses DO NOT wear caps anymore.


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