Author Question: Bleeding to Death

S.W. asks: This is the scenario: A woman has given birth attended only by her partner. After an exhausting long labor, the birth goes reasonably well, but a couple of hours later, she hemorrhages. My question is, would it be possible for her to bleed to death while sleeping?

My plot needs her partner to be in the same room, under the influence of alcohol or drugs which he takes to ‘celebrate’ after the birth. I need him to not realize what’s happening until it’s too late to save her.

Jordyn Says:

I do think this scenario is plausible on a couple of levels.

When a woman has bleeding complications related to delivery– she’s obviously losing blood. Simply, blood carries oxygen to each of your organs.

When there has been significant blood loss– the woman will lose consciousness because of two aspects: not enough blood to carry the oxygen to her brain and/or low blood pressure. You have to have a certain blood pressure to perfuse your brain– and therefore stay conscious.

She would go unconscious and could appear just to be sleeping to the one who’s under the influence of all those meds/alcohol.

The pregnant woman would continue to bleed and never regain consciousness. She would die from exsanguination.

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