Author Question: What is a Good Condition for my Character?

Teena asks:

I want my main character to have a medical condition his girlfriend is unaware of. It needs to incapacitate him and put him in a bit more jeopardy when he doesn’t get his meds. I also want him to have a concussion so he black outs once or twice while he’s with the bad guy. But he also needs to escape.

A little earlier in the book I want him to exhibit some symptoms to his girlfriend but without revealing his condition…maybe watching what he eats, and in another scene exhibiting dizziness and weakness to a friend but claiming he’s just out of shape. Then, a little later, while he is by himself working on his novel, maybe some shaking where he takes pills and readers don’t know why. They may just think he’s an addict.

He is not obese and is in his early thirties. Which is counter to the profile for most type 2 diabetics I think.

Any suggestions?

Jordyn Says:

Thanks for sending me your question.

I don’t think Type II diabetes is a good option considering his age and good health status.

Here are a few posts I did specifically on diabetes:


Off the top of my head– I might consider some type of cardiomyopathy. Where he needed digoxin and lasix as maintenance meds. If he came off those– he could definitely be symptomatic. A lot of the criteria you want would fit this type of condition.

1. What is cardiomyopathy:

2. Cardiomyopathy:

3. Cardiomyopathy: Treatment and Drugs (and lots of other info):

Read through these resources and see if they strike a chord.

Teena Says:

Thanks so much for the suggestions. I think maybe the hypertrophic
cardiomyopathy is the way to go!


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